Nadia Sgaramella
I am a freelance illustrator from Italy. My main inspiration comes from vintage atmospheres and the first advertising posters of the 20th century. What I seek most is to create a specific atmosphere that anyone who sees my illustration can hear. I love to experiment, I am always looking for a new style and a new expression to explain what I have inside. But I always have a certain attraction for the minimal and conceptual forms of illustration. I love my job. Since I was younger I have always dreamed of working from my home, in a creative environment, without stress. I need calm, good music and the right light to do what I do and I can't imagine myself in other places where to live my life. My style is constantly evolving. Today, my goal is to put a part of me in every commissioned job. Although it is not always easy.
I love to illustrate buildings, better if they are ancient. And then, I always tend to illustrate female figures, austere women, as if they were part of another time. Last year I illustrated a book for Hop! Publisher, dedicated to Diana, Kate, Meghan, the princesses of England. It was a great challenge for me. Moreover, I illustrated also the cover for Standart, a magazine entirely dedicated to world of coffee. With pleasure, I continue the collaboration with Breathe Magazine. My friendly words are: always create, illustrate and remember elegance.