Liza Rusalskaya
I'm a freelance illustrator from Minsk. My unlimited desire to create helped to elaborate as an illustrator. My mother was an architect, so since the childhood, huge love to art was brought up in me. As I grew, cinema, anime, painting in general, helped me to understand how to interpret what I feel to the language of the illustration.
To date, I managed to work on wonderful projects with creative companies from New York, London, Montreal, Sydney. Each project is special for me as a big part of me is put in each of them. But in particular, I can mention the project created jointly with Y-Wilson for Loquet London. I was lucky to portray incredibly talented, creative women from completely different fields of activity. Some of them are Thandie Newton, Nicky Hilton, Charli Howard, Maria Dueñas Jacobs. It was an invaluable experience, and I am very grateful for such an opportunity. I also constantly try to work on my own projects based on emotions and things that surround me in everyday life, but that doesn't make them less attractive.